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Impact Christian Fellowship is the primary expression of Impact Ministries of Kerrville, Inc.  We are a growing, non-denominational, Spirit-filled, evangelical church.  We aspire to walk in a manner worthy of the unique calling on each of our lives, and we are committed to living out the "one another's" as we equip ourselves to represent Jesus in our everyday lives.

We believe in, and encourage the practice of, all the gifts of the Spirit spoken of in the Bible.

We believe the Church is best operated as a theocracy - Jesus Christ is our Lord.  We believe Impact is His church, and we aspire to fully submit to the leadership and direction of the Holy Spirit.  Our heart cry is: "Give us a Spirit of wisdom and revelation so that we can know You more, Lord Jesus."

The work and ministry of our church is overseen by a Core Team.  Our developing church model emphasizes the importance of worship and relational connectedness.  We use a freedom-based style of leadership that encourages each of us to mature in our walk with the Lord.  Our church initiatives result from the desires God places in the hearts of our people, and we diligently work to partner with one another to see these things accomplished.

We are also called to be a resource and a blessing to our community, and we regularly pray for the strengthening and building up of the Body of Christ in the Texas Hill Country.


Being "born again" means surrendering the control of your life to Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.  This must be done in order to see the Kingdom of God, and God allows each of us to make this choice ourselves.  If you have never done that, you can do it today!  We have all sinned, and the wages of sin is death.  However, on the cross, Jesus paid the full price for our sins so that we could be forgiven the debt we owe and be saved.  To invite Jesus into your heart, you can pray something like this: "Jesus, I know I am guilty of sinning and I have done many things wrong.  I need Your forgiveness.  Right now, I choose to turn from my sins and look to You.  Come into my heart.  I give myself wholly to You.  Fill me with the Holy Spirit.  Thank You, Jesus.  You are Savior and Lord."

With just a simple prayer like that you begin a new personal relationship with God!  The day you are "born again" is a starting point, and now you begin the everyday pursuit of a growing relationship with the living God.

God constantly communicates with us, and He desires us to live in constant communication with Him, as well.  If you are interested in something, He is interested in it, too.  If you are concerned about something, He is concerned about it, too.  He loves us just like we are, and too much to leave us that way.  He is never disillusioned with us, because He never had any illusions about us in the first place.  He is committed to helping us become the fullest of expression of real life possible.

Be sure of this: God is right in the middle of your life.  He will never leave you alone.  He does not keep His distance from you.

It is not His desire for you to walk out your faith alone.  We encourage you to become part of a life-giving, Bible-believing church.  We all need regular interaction, teaching and fellowship with other Christians to help us grow and mature as a Christian.

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