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Kids’ Leadership Academy is an amazing opportunity for children in 5th, 6th, and 7th grades to discover who they are, what it means to lead, and how to actually do it. (Sign up at the bottom of this webpage.) This curriculum comes from the Children’s Ministry Team at Bethel Church in Redding, California after 20 years of development and tweaking to create a culture that empowers young people to step into the fullness of their identity and destiny. And yet, this ministry is much more than a curriculum or a download of information. It is intentionally relational and intensely experiential.

Dr. Tim Elmore, founder of Growing Leaders, a non-profit leadership training and development company, explains that today’s emerging generation is “overexposed to information but underexposed to first hand experiences”. Because of this, our Leadership Academy, or school, will be very hands on in training and activation. Discussions, testimonies, and exercises will all be richly participatory. Everything will be led by adults, and much wisdom will be shared and imparted, but this won’t be an information dump.

This school has the opportunity to dramatically change lives, setting young people in the direction that God always intended them to go. Here is an overview of what the school will look like and what’s expected of each child.

Core Values

The structure of Kids’ Leadership Academy centers around instilling Core Values—key kingdom truths that are essential to building a revival culture in our students. The 6 Core Values we’ll be focusing on will be:

  • Family
  • God is Good
  • Joy and Hope
  • Risk and Faith
  • Honor
  • Hearing God

We’ll focus on a different core value every four weeks. So that will amount to at least 26 weeks of “school”, including an introduction to the Academy at the beginning and a graduation at the end. (We will not have class the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Spring Break.) During our class time (every Wednesday from 6 to 8pm), we’ll gather into small groups (or Revival Groups), where 6 to 8 students will be led by an adult in a group discussion about particular aspects of the core value that we’re covering. Kids will answer thought provoking questions about these kingdom truths and themselves. They’ll write down their own answers in their Student Manual each week.

And each week’s lesson provides an Action Plan of how to easily incorporate these truths into their every day lives. We encourage you to hold your children accountable to complete their Action Plan each week. While not time consuming, it does take focus and commitment to implement these truths in their lives. You can help encourage that tremendously. And we’ll work hard at communicating with you and encouraging you in that role throughout the year.

Accelerated Ministry Training

Additionally, at each class we’ll have a time of Accelerated Ministry Training (AMT). This time is specifically designed to activate and empower children to do ministry now through a series of fun and creative exercises that we’ll then get to implement in our church and community. By this age, kids are tired of hearing Bible stories and want to be the Bible story. For that reason these AMTs are designed to take what God has placed in them and share that with the world. Your child will get to choose (and they’ll need to sign up in advance so we know how many supplies to get) from two AMTs which one they want to participate in. Here’s a rundown of what our AMT choices could look like for the first 12 weeks.

  • Weeks 2 thru 4: Balloon Creations or Face Painting
  • Weeks 5 thru 7: Prophetic or Treasure Hunts
  • Weeks 8 thru 10: Heart Art or Healing
  • Weeks 11 and 12: Worship or AV and Lighting

Each AMT will be taught by a different instructor, so that children will be exposed to different leaders from different walks of life. This will help to keep the class dynamic and engaging, in addition to helping the children to understand a little bit more about their own uniqueness and place in God’s kingdom. More details will follow about each AMT so that you and your child can prayerfully discern which one they’ll enjoy and benefit from the most.

Special Events

Lastly, we will have one or more “Mission Trips” and possibly some “Special Events”. A “Mission Trip” could involve a trip to the local hospital or a visit to another city or country. We will let you know all of the details about these trips well in advance, requiring your permission for your child to participate. And we’ll want to provide ample time for students to raise money and to prepare spiritually for the trip. “Special Events” will be fun events that we’ll do outside of class time to build community and foster lifelong relationships. We might do something like a Princess Party for girls and a Champion Day for boys.

The heart of it all

Much of what this school does in the lives of young people aligns with Dr. Tim Elmore’s non-profit leadership training and development company, Growing Leaders. “Through relevant and innovative events and resources, we equip the next generation and the parents, teachers, coaches and mentors who shape their lives.” Dr. Elmore makes the point that “young leaders are not raised up in crowds, but through life-on-life mentoring relationships.” I encourage you to check out his website (definitely click on the link to watch the 3 minute video on his homepage) and his incredible blog post The Marks of Maturity.

That is the heart behind Kids’ Leadership Academy, and even all of Children’s Ministry at Impact—to create a safe, unconditionally loving community where we all become who God created us to be. It is a weighty mandate, but through God’s grace, can become reality and be both richly rewarding and a ton of fun!


This group is available September 19 – May 1.

When & Where

Wednesdays 6-8pm in the Chapel

Who It’s For

5th, 6th and 7th Graders

How To Connect

Easy - sign up below then show up!
Questions? Contact Brent Davis @ [email protected]