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Kids' Church

Working with treasures of Gold


Sunday | K–6th Grade 10:30 AM
KLA | Wednesdays | 4th & 5th Grade 6–8 PM

Please bring your children to corporate worship in the sanctuary. Their energy is welcomed and they will be dismissed to kids’ church after the first song and announcements.

Jesus said, “Let the children come to Me”! We believe that God has unique greatness in the heart of every child. We celebrate this and help children uncover these special treasures God has placed within them.

We provide a safe place where children can flourish, knowing that they’re loved and treasured as we reflect and reveal the Father’s love for them. And most of all, we believe in experiencing God’s love in a real and tangible way, so all we do is soaked in prayer and full of practical application.

What Happens At Kids' Church?





A Cornerstone of Identity

We’re created to worship. And that’s true for kids too!

Nothing satisfies our spirit like worshipping God. In Kids’ Church, we place a high value on vibrant, experiential worship.

We create a safe environment that allows children to be themselves and become more connected to God’s heart by singing songs of praise with lyric-based dance motions, soaking in His presence in a quiet still state, or even drawing a prophetic art picture that expresses what God is showing them.

Meet The Davis' Family

Brent & Sarah have been working in children's ministry together for over 10 years, pouring their hearts into everything they do.