Nursery & Preschool

A place for fun, creativity and rest


Sunday 10:30 AM

You are welcome to check your little ones into the nursery prior to the service. We have a secure but fast check-in service to make sure your kids stay safe.

It can be argued that children are the most vital part of any church. After all, Jesus Himself told us to become more like them.

At Impact, we see children like rich treasures; full of the belief, hope, wonder and joy that can only come from our Father. Everything we do in Children’s Ministry is built on the premise that children truly are the apple of God’s eye and that everything Jesus made available to us, He made available to them.

What Happens
At Nursery & Preschool?





We’re strong believers in interaction and fun!

Your kids will have the freedom to use their energy and express themselves while discovering the treasures God put inside them.

Preschoolers are able to explore, roam, build and create to their hearts content. With the massive playscape, interactive play stations and amazing workers, they’re able to do what they do best – be themselves!

Meet Victoria Coon