Aug 11, 2017


Never The Same: An Experience With Divine Intervention

This is my testimony about an event that happened in my life on April 8, 2017. A day that will be with me forever. I had heard about this type of Divine Intervention but never imagined it could happen to me. It all began a long time ago, but more recently during the Spring 2017 Discovery Group at Impact Christian Fellowship in Kerrville, Texas.

During one of the Discovery Group meetings, my wife, Debbie, and I heard Troy Faust give his testimony about being touched by the Holy Spirit after a life of avoiding the Lord. His testimony was so powerful that Debbie and I hardly said two words to each other on our drive home that night.

The next week Debbie and I were on one of our many walks. The day was different in a way that I cannot describe. Something about the color of the trees and the open valley below where we often walk were different that day and I’ve never seen it that way since. I asked Debbie to walk on without me and I sat down on a big rock along the road and began to pray. I prayed for Impact, the members of the Discovery group, and I then asked to receive the same experience that Troy had shared. This was a stretch for me. I had never prayed out loud before, that I can remember, and never for a visit from the Holy Spirit. This was so far out of my comfort zone it was in another zip code!

On Saturday, April 8, 2017, the group was at Richard and Glenda Holcomb’s ranch in Junction, Texas for a day of fellowship, learning and prayer. After lunch, while Gene Barnet played the guitar and sang, members of the church prayed for us individually. Franklin Williamson prayed for me and had some very sweet and heartfelt words. A little later, I spotted Richard Holcomb making his way over to where Debbie and I were standing. I thought, uh oh, he’s headed our direction. I had seen and heard Richard’s powerful testimony but did not know him personally. Richard put his hand on my heart and I covered his hand with mine and he began to pray for me. I remember thinking, “good luck”. Then, without warning, I was struck by a force that knocked me backwards such that I almost missed the couch behind me on my way down. As I hit the couch, I put my head down and began to cry like there had been a death in the family. It was uncontrollable. I was embarrassed but it was coming whether I wanted it or not. That day I knew my old self had died and I had become a new person. Old negative actions and thoughts are being cast out. New thoughts have become a reality. As David Danielson told me later, in the words of Chip Gaines, “It’s demo day”! I am overwhelmed by the realization that I have been touched by the Holy Spirit. We had felt it was all over us, but now it was on the inside too and nothing would ever be the same.

I continued to be in shock and weep for the next three days. What an experience; amazing and life changing. Debbie could see an immediate change in me and I could feel it. I’d like to share this with the world. It’s that powerful. Thank you Impact church and all those involved with the Discover Group. I would encourage everyone to attend these amazing meetings.

How do I share this event? My first step was to share with our pastor at Impact, David Danielson. He encouraged us to witness our experience. Who knew retirement would be this exciting? We have quickly come to the realization there is a new calling on our lives that we feel so blessed and eager to share with friends, family and strangers. Looking back it’s apparent to us our lives have been like a flagstone path leading us to this place in our lives. Richard Holcomb also told us that incredible day, “Don’t think you’re getting out of this, I’m older than you”. So we are living proof, you are never too old to be used by the Lord. We are ready to live out the next steps.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Never the same,

Graham Winchester
Hunt, Texas

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